Wedding hairstyle curly for a beautiful bride

wedding hairstyle curly There are many decisions a bride needs to make on her wedding day. However, the most exciting decision she has to make is about her hairstyle. Indeed, wedding pictures will be viewed again and again in the future. Therefore, to look more gorgeous and attractive, hairstyles come into play. But how to style your hair when there are numerous options available out there from which you can choose form. A wedding hairstyle curly is one the best style you can choose from and it will suit your natural hair. 

Wedding hairstyle curls is beautiful in lovely half updos and downdos and you can also try curly updos with twists, flowers, and loose braids. Here, I have provided you my top 10 favorite wedding hairstyles with curls that you can check out below. 

Top 10 wedding hairstyle with curls

Wedding Updo with Flower crown 

wedding hairstyle curly

The main attraction here is the headband which has dainty and ultra-feminine flowers. Without having a special accessory for your hair, your wedding hairstyles curls are uncompleted. 

Half-Up Curly Hairdo 

These are very simple yet very sweet to have on your wedding day. You can also do this by yourself very easily. Thus, you can create a messy and wavey look to your natural hair. 

Classic Bridal Updo with curls 

Sometimes, you may want to go with classical updo than these are best suitable for you. With this curly updo, you can have your dream wedding and by becoming a princess you always want to be. 

 Curly Pony for the wedding 

You can make a poufy ponytail that can be paired with a fragile crystal piece. Luckily, if you are having long and thick hair then it’s best suitable for you. 

Curly hair using Forest Flower 

With the knowledge of flower you can add flowers to your curly hair. The first step should be to curl your hair then you can ask your stylist for dutch braids that will give you soft bun on the side. 

Grecian Goddess Updo with Crown 

With this beautiful curly bridal hairstyle you can look more feminine and gorgeous. This is classy and understandable that you will love. 

Gorgeous Red Half-Up Bridal Style 

This is best suitable for ladies who want long curly locks. On your big day, this half-up half-down hairdo will make you look like royalty. 

Loose Dark Brown Curls For Wedding 

With this look, your hair will look more natural and the brides most often used this look. However, it used to ensure that you should not have many disperse. If you want a more polished curly downdos than you should stick with smoothing serum and defined curls. 

Bouncy Curl Updo 

You can turn yourself into a charming princess with a cloud of soft airy curls pinned at the back of the head. A voluminous curly bun is a good choice for your wedding. 

Sweet Bohemian Hairstyle for Brides 

So, if you want to have your wedding in the countryside then this organic hairstyle is best suitable for you. 


So, these were the Wedding hairstyle curly for a bride, I hope you liked these styles.  

Tips for hair care Korean

Tips for hair care Korean

hair care KoreanParticularly, hair is the most essential part of the beauty of every girl. Usually, every girl has beautiful natural hair but if the proper care is not done then they become worst. Therefore proper care of the hair is necessary. Similarly, if you have long thick hair they require more care. Moreover due to lots of dust and pollution hair get damage and rough. Therefore proper cleaning and care are required to protect them according to the hair care Korean

Therefore we will tell you some healthy hair habits that you should follow always. Ultimately it will help in hair growth and also volume. The tips are; 

Feed Your Hair with nutrients

Particularly if you are being healthy from inside your hair will also be healthy. Therefore you should drink lots of water and eat healthy foods and fruits. Furthermore, if you do not like veggies then you can also make smoothies of a different kind. Thus, it will be a tasty and easy way for a daily dose of nutrients. Moreover, it will give your hair strands nutrients and make them healthy and long.  

Take Vitamins for your hair 

hair care chinaAdditionally, advanced healthy hair vitamins intake will also help to fulfill the need of daily nutrients. Therefore these vitamin supplements will help your hair grow healthy. The hair care china also uses various proteins for shiny and healthy hair.

Be Careful with heat for your hair

hair care Tokyo

Correspondingly, it is the saying that too much good can also result in bad for you. Likewise, too much heat will damage the hair and eventually revert of the hair natural state will be difficult. Similarly, spilled ends, breakage, brittle hair, is the result of too much heat. Therefore you should be careful about the amount of heat you are applying to your hair. Thus here are some tips that hair care Tokyo also follows

  • Particularly use a heat protectant always. For the purpose, it will be a barrier between your hair and hair tool to prevent damage. 
  • Moreover always at the time of cleaning and conditioning prepare your hair for heat styling. 
  • Additionally use the low or medium settings at most in heating tools. 

Cleanse scalp and hair regularly

Particularly, Healthy hair comes from within but it also requires a clean environment to grow. Usually, the dirty scalp can essentially slow down healthy growth and can clog follicles and pores. Similarly, dirty hair always results in poor and bad odor hair. Therefore according to hair care Korean wash your hair according to the daily routine and make them healthy.

When cleansing use fingertips 

Particularly, a proper cleaning procedure is required from hair to scalp is required. Therefore proper shampoo and conditioning are required to clan the hair properly.

Use Sulphate free shampoo

Similarly, always use a sulfate-free shampoo to protect the hair from damage. Always try to use a good chemical-free shampoo. 

Don’t stress

Additionally, stress is the big enemy of your total body from head to toe. Therefore be stress-free always and make yourself and your hair healthy and growing. 


 In the end, proper care will help in the proper growth of your hair. Therefore healthy food and proteins and proper cleaning of scalp and hair will make your hair healthy. Therefore according to the hair care Korean be healthy from the inner body and make your hair grow more beautifully.


A complete Guide for Hair Extensions Removal


A complete Guide for Hair Extensions Removal

hair extensions removal Hair extensions are amazing as it helps our hairs to look fuller and longer. We want to look our best on dates, proms, weddings or any other special occasion. Moreover, to look best, hair plays a very important role and so the importance of hair extensions comes into the picture. Extensions are harmful. Therefore, have to be removed. Henceforth, hair extensions removal is important. Careful removal is important. Otherwise, it might cause damage to extensions, shedding, and damage to natural strands, breakage and other problems. 

Different Types of hair extensions removal 

Depending upon the type of hair extension used hair extensions removal process varies. Given below are different types of hair extension removal process: 

Clip-in Style Hair Extensions Removal:  

These can be removed by simply detaching the clips as soon as you get home. Moreover, they are types of non-permanent hair extensions. 

Micro-loop or Tape-in Hair Extensions Removal: 

hair extensions removal

After two months period, it needs to be removed. Different steps of removal are as follows: 

  1. Firstly apply baby oil and leave for around 10-15 minutes. 
  2. Then peel off the strands. If it does not peel then apply more oil and try again. 
  3. Repeat the procedure a few more times to remove the extensions. 

If you are ready to spend some money to get fast and safe results, you can buy a pre-made solution from a market that removes those extensions pretty fast. 

Keratin Hair Extensions Removal:  

hair extensions removal

Different steps for hair extensions removal: 

  1. Buy 100% pure acetone and rubber gloves
  2. Apply acetone using gloves 
  3. To remove all bonds, repeat this process.  

Or else you can buy Keratin Extensions Remover from the market to remove hair extensions. However, the only problem is it is a bit expensive. 

Steps of hair care after hair extensions removal

Extensions may differ and so would their removal procedure. However, steps for hair care remains constant. 

Hair assessed: 

Assessing of hairs to see any damage. Moreover, In case of any damage, ensure proper care. 

Pre-treatment of hair:  

Before going back to the normal routine wash your hairs. 

Apply Oil: 

After removing hair extensions and washing it, oil should be applied which provides proper care and nourishment to your hairs. 


Lastly, your hairs should be properly conditioned after hair extensions removal. make sure that you use the one of the best brand only.  

Benefits of removing Hair Extensions 

Removing hair extensions is necessary because after a particular time they start damaging your hair. Shedding of hairs, hair fall, split ends, rough ends, breakage and many more problems could be solved by hair extensions removal. Hair Extensions when applied onto hairs, they cannot be washed frequently which usually results in a fuss and mess leading to more damage to hairs. Moreover, they have to be removed because they usually damage your natural strands of hair which is very problematic. 


Different benefits of hair extensions video India

Different benefits of hair extensions video India

hair extensions video IndiaEveryone wants long hair. However, it is not a day program. It takes a long time to grow your hair to a long length. But some has different genetics problem hence to have long hair it just a dream for them. Therefore these hair extensions video India in just a miracle or you can say magic. For those who want long and beautiful hair. There are so many videos available on the internet that will help you have all the possible knowledge about the hair extensions. Hence they will try to solve all your queries with their detailed description of the process.  

Tips to follow when having hair extensions:- 

hair extensions video India

How to use Brushing:  Don’t apply a normal brush for combing your hairs. Hence for the hair extensions, you have to use a hair extension brush. If you will try to brush your hair with the normal hair, therefore, you will rip off your hairs. Hence have an extension brush. You can easily get it from any online store. 

Taking care of the roots: – never brush your hairs from the roots. Because this is the place where your extensions are bonded to your head hence if you will damage your roots it will automatically damage your extensions.  

 Extension friendly shampoo: – always consult your hairdresser before using any of the shampoo. Hence they will give you a proper knowledge of the shampoo that which one is best for your extensions. Always stay away from the shampoo that contains the sodium laurel sulfate that is SLS therefore it will damage and weaken the bonds of your roots.  

Washing: – whenever you are taking the shower always maintain the temperature of the water. Hence it should always be a cold shower. Hence it will help you to keep the bonds once again nice and tight and it also makes it close to your pores. However, always make sure that your hairs should be tangle so that it will not mix up while washing them.  

Giving them proper conditioning: – never condition your hairs from the roots hence the bonds will unravel over the period. Hence always condition them from the ends this is all your hair’s needs.  

How to apply drying: – Set the hairdryer on the cold setting. It will help to keep the bonds of the hair healthy.  

Different hairstyles in the hair extensions video China 

After knowing about the tips and how to use them it will help you to maintain your hair very firmly. These tips are very important to keep the roots and the bones healthy. When you will be friendly about the tips and how to apply it you can try various hairstyles on the hair extensions. There is the number of hairstyles that are mentioned with the full detail in the hair extensions video China


When it comes to applying for the hair extensions always are very careful hence you will damage your hairs by your own hands. These hair extensions video India will make your way very easy. 



Are hair extensions the best way to make your hair look beautiful?

Are hair extensions the best way to make your hair look beautiful?

hair extensionsWhen it comes to our hair, we women are very particular. Whether it’s the way they are to be styled or the way they need care. We have certain criterion. And to make your hair look long, thick and gorgeous as ever I have just the perfect deal. Fusion hair extensions. These help your hair look bushier and voluminous. Fusion hair extensions prices are quite cheap and they give a whole new look in just a few hours. 

From where do I get fusion hair extensions? How should I buy them? 

hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions wholesale are available online. You can either buy them from an online website or from your nearest salon. Fusion hair extensions are quite famous among salons. Therefore you will face no problem in buying them. The problem arises when you have to choose them. Hair extensions come in different sizes and colors. But what choice should we make? First of all think about the time period for which you want the extensions. If you want them for a long period then go for human hair extensions. They are long lasting if they are maintained nicely. These extensions are more preferable because of the fact that these are more real looking and give a natural look when applied. The biggest plus point they have is that they can be straightened, curled and bleached. Whereas if you want extensions for a short time and you have small budgets then go for synthetic hair extensions. They are made from acrylic material, that Is heated to a point where it starts to form threads.

Key to natural looking hair

hair extensions

People often confuse hair extensions’ color and these results in weird looking hair. Hence stylists have reached to a conclusion that the key to natural looking hair is color blending. While going for extension shopping make sure that the extension you choose is right on point . That is it matches with the color of your own hair. You can consult your stylist but if you are doing it yourself then definitely keep note of your hair color and the color of the extensions. Another important thing is that you should always take a good look into the hair extension user manual. This booklet contains all the do’s and don’ts that the users should keep in mind. 

Remember ladies that your hair has a very big reflection on your style so do not let your hair shadow up your style and attitude. And to do that you should definitely at least once in your life try out fusion hair extensions. Toodles! 

Why there is a need of clip in hair extensions 24 inch?

Why there is a need of clip in hair extensions 24 inch?

hairIn today’s world, everyone wants to look different. Hence, when it comes to looking fashionable they can spend lots of money. However, it doesn’t matter how their budget was. There are many extensions available in the market hence you have many choices to choose from. Therefore, these extensions are made connect to the hairs by the medium of clips. These clips are using as per the length of the hair extensions therefore it can manage the load of the extensions. 

Clips in hair extensions are short cut way hence, it helps your hairs to look of more length and add more volume to it. However, you do not need to wait for your hair to grow. Therefore it is a process of short duration but it will change your whole look. They clip in the hair extensions play a very important role. Hence these clips are available in many different sizes. When you change the size of the clip the length of the hair extension will also change. Here we will discuss some of them:- 

Clip in hair extensions of 24 inch 

clip in hair extensionsAs per the thickness of your hair the extensions are chosen for you. If you have short hair the clip in hair extensions is perfect for you. Therefore your hair will have a nice bounce and on the other hand, it will change your look completely. The clips in hair extensions of 24 inch are very strong, hidden and lightweight. They are designed in such a way to protect your natural hair. make sure that your hair looks naturally with these clips. They use color shades of more than 17 hence it will match any person. This clip in hair extensions of 24 inch will give you long hair therefore it is perfect for occasions. On the other hand, it is perfect for the traditional look. 

clip in hair extensionsClip in hair extensions 18 inch 

These clips will provide you a length of approx 45 cm hence; it can bear the weight of these extensions. You can curl or straighten your hair as per your interest. This clip in hair extensions 18 inch is easy to maintain with the routine because of its length.  

Clip in hair extensions 10 inch 

These clips are made not as strong as it is applied on the short hairs of approx 25 cm. Hence these clips are preparing from light material. These clip in hair extensions 10 inch is very easy to maintain. You can keep them free as it is of short length, on the other hand, it will not tangle for a very long period.  

clip in hair extensionsConclusion:- 

We had discussed different clip in hair extensions 24 inchclip in hair extensions 18 inch, and clip inhair extensions 10 inch. However you know very well which hair clip is for which hair length, therefore, you can easily choose the one for you. Hence you can also make your shopping online so that there is no need of asking for the right size. You can easily make shopping done by you own self.