A complete Guide for Hair Extensions Removal

hair extensions removal Hair extensions are amazing as it helps our hairs to look fuller and longer. We want to look our best on dates, proms, weddings or any other special occasion. Moreover, to look best, hair plays a very important role and so the importance of hair extensions comes into the picture. Extensions are harmful. Therefore, have to be removed. Henceforth, hair extensions removal is important. Careful removal is important. Otherwise, it might cause damage to extensions, shedding, and damage to natural strands, breakage and other problems. 

Different Types of hair extensions removal 

Depending upon the type of hair extension used hair extensions removal process varies. Given below are different types of hair extension removal process: 

Clip-in Style Hair Extensions Removal:  

These can be removed by simply detaching the clips as soon as you get home. Moreover, they are types of non-permanent hair extensions. 

Micro-loop or Tape-in Hair Extensions Removal: 

hair extensions removal

After two months period, it needs to be removed. Different steps of removal are as follows: 

  1. Firstly apply baby oil and leave for around 10-15 minutes. 
  2. Then peel off the strands. If it does not peel then apply more oil and try again. 
  3. Repeat the procedure a few more times to remove the extensions. 

If you are ready to spend some money to get fast and safe results, you can buy a pre-made solution from a market that removes those extensions pretty fast. 

Keratin Hair Extensions Removal:  

hair extensions removal

Different steps for hair extensions removal: 

  1. Buy 100% pure acetone and rubber gloves
  2. Apply acetone using gloves 
  3. To remove all bonds, repeat this process.  

Or else you can buy Keratin Extensions Remover from the market to remove hair extensions. However, the only problem is it is a bit expensive. 

Steps of hair care after hair extensions removal

Extensions may differ and so would their removal procedure. However, steps for hair care remains constant. 

Hair assessed: 

Assessing of hairs to see any damage. Moreover, In case of any damage, ensure proper care. 

Pre-treatment of hair:  

Before going back to the normal routine wash your hairs. 

Apply Oil: 

After removing hair extensions and washing it, oil should be applied which provides proper care and nourishment to your hairs. 


Lastly, your hairs should be properly conditioned after hair extensions removal. make sure that you use the one of the best brand only.  

Benefits of removing Hair Extensions 

Removing hair extensions is necessary because after a particular time they start damaging your hair. Shedding of hairs, hair fall, split ends, rough ends, breakage and many more problems could be solved by hair extensions removal. Hair Extensions when applied onto hairs, they cannot be washed frequently which usually results in a fuss and mess leading to more damage to hairs. Moreover, they have to be removed because they usually damage your natural strands of hair which is very problematic. 


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