Silver Hair Fashion In Trend- Know Here!

 silver hair fashionNowadays silver hair is very common. Silver hair fashion is in trend these days. Everyone is trying silver hairstyles these days. Moreover getting the perfect grey color for your skin tone is also very difficult. However, maintaining grey hair is also very difficult. And some important tips you need to know about your grey hair. more info

Things you must do before switching to grey hair color 

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First, you need to know what you want to do with your hair. Do you want to color all your hairs or you just want to highlight your hair? There are many shades in grey color. Now you have to decide which color suits you. For example, there are silver shimmer, silver sunrise, icy silver, soft dove grey, silver tabby, etc. If you are coloring dyed color you must wait to grow out the hair color or start with the process of lifting away the old dye. However, it is easier to dye the un-dyed hair. And also you must use coconut oil for the maximum health of your hairs. And conditioning your hair regularly is also very important.

And also one of the most important things you must know before you dye your hair. That you must ensure you don’t have any allergic reaction. And you should also have to stop using sulfate shampoos. Because they take the necessary moisture of your hair and leave it dry. This is the way that you can have the fashion for red hair.  

How to choose the perfect grey color for your hair 

Now, these grey colors have many shades and you have to choose the perfect one. And you should also remember you have to choose good quality of hair color. Otherwise, it can affect your skin. And if you have a warm skin tone it can you should have to go for a natural grey color. But if you have a light skin tone you can go for a very little touch of blue or pink it will look great. And there are many colors for which you can go. However, you can also go for different styles too. And the most important thing is that you have to go to a good salon as they have experts. And also they know the best color and style for you. 

How to care your fashion for grey hair color 

 fashion for grey hair

Moreover, now you have been thinking of how to take care of your hair color. There are some easy steps you should have to follow to take care of your hair. However, if you follow these steps your hair will be healthy as well as don’t lose shine.  

  • You shouldn’t wash your hair regularly 
  • Use a good and sulfate-free shampoo for your hair. 
  • Keep nourishing your hair. 
  • Doesn’t blow dry your hair at high setting.  

And there are many more things to do for your hair. And as there is a fashion for grey hair nowadays there is also silver hair fashion. Now you have to think about what will look good on you. And you can also go for different colors and styles. 

Wedding hairstyle curly for a beautiful bride

Wedding hairstyle curly for a beautiful bride

wedding hairstyle curly There are many decisions a bride needs to make on her wedding day. However, the most exciting decision she has to make is about her hairstyle. Indeed, wedding pictures will be viewed again and again in the future. Therefore, to look more gorgeous and attractive, hairstyles come into play. But how to style your hair when there are numerous options available out there from which you can choose form. A wedding hairstyle curly is one the best style you can choose from and it will suit your natural hair. 

Wedding hairstyle curls is beautiful in lovely half updos and downdos and you can also try curly updos with twists, flowers, and loose braids. Here, I have provided you my top 10 favorite wedding hairstyles with curls that you can check out below. 

Top 10 wedding hairstyle with curls

Wedding Updo with Flower crown 

wedding hairstyle curly

The main attraction here is the headband which has dainty and ultra-feminine flowers. Without having a special accessory for your hair, your wedding hairstyles curls are uncompleted. 

Half-Up Curly Hairdo 

These are very simple yet very sweet to have on your wedding day. You can also do this by yourself very easily. Thus, you can create a messy and wavey look to your natural hair. 

Classic Bridal Updo with curls 

Sometimes, you may want to go with classical updo than these are best suitable for you. With this curly updo, you can have your dream wedding and by becoming a princess you always want to be. 

 Curly Pony for the wedding 

You can make a poufy ponytail that can be paired with a fragile crystal piece. Luckily, if you are having long and thick hair then it’s best suitable for you. 

Curly hair using Forest Flower 

With the knowledge of flower you can add flowers to your curly hair. The first step should be to curl your hair then you can ask your stylist for dutch braids that will give you soft bun on the side. 

Grecian Goddess Updo with Crown 

With this beautiful curly bridal hairstyle you can look more feminine and gorgeous. This is classy and understandable that you will love. 

Gorgeous Red Half-Up Bridal Style 

This is best suitable for ladies who want long curly locks. On your big day, this half-up half-down hairdo will make you look like royalty. 

Loose Dark Brown Curls For Wedding 

With this look, your hair will look more natural and the brides most often used this look. However, it used to ensure that you should not have many disperse. If you want a more polished curly downdos than you should stick with smoothing serum and defined curls. 

Bouncy Curl Updo 

You can turn yourself into a charming princess with a cloud of soft airy curls pinned at the back of the head. A voluminous curly bun is a good choice for your wedding. 

Sweet Bohemian Hairstyle for Brides 

So, if you want to have your wedding in the countryside then this organic hairstyle is best suitable for you. 


So, these were the Wedding hairstyle curly for a bride, I hope you liked these styles.  

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