Natural Straight Center Part With Blonde Highlights Hair Style Women Wigs

This turned out to be a great purchase. I always wear my new wigs around the house for about a week to get comfortable in them and give myself time to be objective about the way they look, fit, and feel. This one passed the ‘housecleaning test’ which consists of most household chores, and like your natural hair wigs, would fall into my face when bending over.

It reacted like natural human hair when I went out on the patio on a fairly windy day…and was easily brushed back into it’s natural look. However, if you don’t like the zig zag part “look” then forgo this one. Although if you like that look this human hair wigs has it done quite well.

I prefer a lace wig with bangs which this does not come with, but I cut some into my wig quite easily. No problem with itching as another buyer noted, so I have no advice on that one. I gave a 5 star rating since this was not misrepresented by the seller in their description and it fit my needs.

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Pre Plucked Lace Wig Glueless Human Hair Wigs for Black Women

I really need to read the description of products before I purchase them. With that being said, the errors I made does not reflect on my purchase on buying this particular unit but nevertheless the hair is actually pretty good. Firstly, I wanted a 360 lace wig which this is not. This does not have lace all around, rather it has lace in the front and a portion about 3 inches in the back. Plenty of parting space in the front.

Shipping was fast, 2 days it was at my doorstep. Unit came with a weaving cap…not sure what I’m suppose to do with that. A beige wig cap would of suffice but luckily I had some on hand. I didn’t waste any time and set forth to washing the unit which I experience very minimal shedding and notice that there are human hair wigs in the front. I haven’t dyed or bleach the knots because I was just anxious to see how it looks.

The wet looks so much better than when it’s dried but I guess you can mousse it up every now and again. I’ve had the unit on for 3 days now and it’s holding up well. It doesn’t look good when it’s picked out, it looks like a frizzy mess so don’t over comb it. The size is perfect. Not too big or small. When I style it, there is little to no shedding, soft, and even can put it in a pony tail despite it not being a 360 and it still looks great. It wasn’t what I was looking for but I’m glad I came across this product. I’ll even purchase it again.

Brazilian Virgin Hair Loose Wave Human Hair Lace Wigs

OMG!!!! I am so pleased with this hair! After researching brazilian hair for 3 days i finally decided to order this hair, i was skeptical at first because 1 I’ve never ordered hair offline before, and 2 i didn’t find many reviews on the hair and i didn’t want to some matted mess of virgin brazilian hair uk which happened when i bought my first human hair wig from the beauty supply store, but to my surprise this hair exceeded my expectations.

The hair got here on time, it was packaged so nicely it came it a drawstring bag with the company logo on it, the hair is so soft very full, it hasn’t tangled or shed, it curled very nicely.

I’m not a professional so i didn’t know how to install it properly but it wasn’t hard to install either, needless to say I need more practice but, overall i love the hair it was definitely worth the buy and i will be purchasing from this company again, I’m in love with it so far.

Brazilian Glueless Human Hair Bob Wig with Bang Yaki Machine Made Short Wigs

I just received this unit today, and I must say, this is a lovely unit. The length, and the color are perfect. I am so glad that I didn’t have to cut the bangs, that might have been disastrous. The human hair wigs uk is very soft and does not tangle easily, and at this point, it has not shed.

I chose the natural color, it looks brown in the light, but black at a distant. There was also no odd odors or a chemical smell to this unit. I was relieved about that.

I did hot-curl the unit, it takes little to no maintenance to style this unit. I can truly say that I love this unit.

The only con is, the cap is too large for my head, I can easily fix this by sewing a elastic band into the unit.

You really can’t go wrong purchasing this Bob with gangs, it’s one of those units that looks great on every face frame.

Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women Long Straight Pre Plucked

This is a very nice wig for the price, the hair is very healthy, shiny, very soft and curls easily. After adjusting the straps it fits perfectly, the lace matched my skin tone perfectly, the lace is a light material & soft to the touch. You wouldn’t need a lot of “Got to be Glued” to hold this wig in place, the only down side is that the hair is not very thick which is fine for me.

It would make for a great everyday wig for the summer because it’s so light on your head, not heavy at all. The cap looks like it’s breathable. If you don’t like the feel of thin hair, I gently washed it with a volumizing shampoo, roller set it at the crown with large rollers and med size all over.

This gave it a full and bouncy look which I love. The knots on mine was lightly bleached, if you’re experienced with working with wigs you won’t have any problems customizing this beauty. I love mine and will purchase again! This is a great beginners wig!

Brazilian Virgin Hair Glueless Short Bob Wig Straight Middle Part Machine Made Human Hair Wigs 12inch

This wig is amazing and looks so natural! The wig size will fit a larger head like mine which is great! I just received it (2 day shipping exactly) and first hand I experienced NO shedding as I was flat ironing it and combing the wig. The way this wig was designed is just what I needed! It has only lace by the center part which is perfect for me. I’m not too picky when it comes to my wigs but I don’t like shedding and a weak hair structure or hair texture… it must look natural.

This wig so far goes beyond what I wanted! Simple, classy, edgy, to the point, beginner friendly with full wigs (as I am) and easy maintenance. The hair parting and cut are very natural and believable! I haven’t washed or customized it yet but I can already tell this wig was made better than my other wig from another company that was $190 and 18” from my hair supply store.

This wig structure and hair is better than my $190 wig and the way it was created. For $51 you can’t beat that! Buy one, you will be satisfied for the price, plus you get a cute purple bag with it! Talk about a good deal! I’m so happy with my wig already! Thank you!

Malaysian 9A Straight Human Hair Lace Front Wigs For Black Women

This hair is amazing! It’s exactly what I wanted. It might appear thin at first, but when installed, does give a full look. I have never used a frontal, and this made me a bit apprehensive, however I was very satisfied with the result.

I absolutely LOVE this wig! I have a wig that I paid close to $300 for & I prefer this one over that. It’s extremely soft, looks as if it’s growing out of my scalp. The lace was very easy to cut & it requires very little maintenance if you care for it properly. If you decide to sleep in it, make sure to clip it up & tie a satin scarf on your head or use a bonnet. I purchased The 16”. Will definitely purchase again to have a backup when this one is being cleaned! Had no problems whatsoever, and I recommend to others for a nice natural look.