Natural Straight Center Part With Blonde Highlights Hair Style Women Wigs

This turned out to be a great purchase. I always wear my new wigs around the house for about a week to get comfortable in them and give myself time to be objective about the way they look, fit, and feel. This one passed the ‘housecleaning test’ which consists of most household chores, and like your natural hair wigs, would fall into my face when bending over.

It reacted like natural human hair when I went out on the patio on a fairly windy day…and was easily brushed back into it’s natural look. However, if you don’t like the zig zag part “look” then forgo this one. Although if you like that look this human hair wigs has it done quite well.

I prefer a lace wig with bangs which this does not come with, but I cut some into my wig quite easily. No problem with itching as another buyer noted, so I have no advice on that one. I gave a 5 star rating since this was not misrepresented by the seller in their description and it fit my needs.

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